Annagh House est 2001

Welcome to Annagh House, situated on 80 acres of mixed forest and meadows. Annagh House takes it’s name from my fathers homestead in Galway County Ireand.

Our homestead is located 1 hour north of Toronto in Springwater Township. Here we raise our beloved Irish Red and White Setters.

Bob wanted a dog he could hunt birds with and I wanted a companion to compete with and enjoy. We researched the Irish breeds and found our perfect match.

The Irish farmer had many uses for the farm dog and it was often the setter that fit the bill. Accompanying the farmer on rounds, hunting and tracking, retrieving from water and in evening settling in with the family by the fire. The farm dog kept one eye open alerting the farmer to any visitors.

The Irish Red and White Setter is bred for hunting and needs daily exercise. This breed is sensitive and requires a steady consistent trainer. The coat is pearly white with red patches and needs a comb out regularly and bathed once a month.

Our dogs are bred for health, temperament and quality. Select owners of Annagh Irish Red and Whites have demonstrated an understanding of the needs for these one of a kind dogs. They will steal your heart but give you even more in return.

A visit to Annagh House will see you welcomed by the resident Irish Wolfhound, horse cats and perhaps chickens and ducks. We can stroll around the pond and show you our boys and girls as they love to be, with their people.