To Crate or Not to Crate your Annagh Irish Red and White Setter

When you get home from a long day or your having a rough time, maybe a little nagged and run down, don’t you love to get into your favourite chair lay back and relax. We believe the crate is the same for your dog as that comfy chair is for you.

Now that crate has to be a place never used for punishment. It must have a favourite thick comfy mattress and blanket. A favourite chew bone and most often an open door. It is located from the hustle and bustle of the house.

We crate train all our dogs. When we leave the house there is no concern we will return to a disaster or tragedy because an unattended dog has met with misadventure. The Irish Red and White Setter surveys their environment keenly, they are escape artists and great climbers.

We feed our dogs in their crate. There is no concern that there will be an argument and ensuing discussion should one dog finish first and want to help themselves to their neighbours breakfast. Now our dogs are also trained to sit and wait, they eat from each others bowls under supervision with no signs of food aggression or animosity. Regular practice is feed in crate so at dog shows, hotel rooms and vets clinic the dogs are quite comfortable enjoying their meal in the comfort of their crate.

Your Annagh puppy will be crate trained. This is also a very handy tool for house training. Crated puppies will not generally mess in their crates unless they are neglected to long or perhaps have a tummy upset and more frequent and urgent trips outside are required.

What a crate is not. A crate is not a place to throw your dog when you are displeased with a behaviour. Get a fish if this is your approach, better yet a pet rock.

A crate is not a place to leave your dog alone for hours on end. Of course life happens and you may have a flat tire and late getting home. Have someone you trust and knows your dog to let him/her out for a stretch of legs, a drink or meal until you can get home to your pet. Dogs are a family member and their needs deserve to be considered.