Feeding the Annagh Irish Red and White Setter

This versatile sporting dog needs protein. Digestible protein. We feed a grain free quality kibble and raw diet. We add a venture supplement and fruits and vegetables.

Why feed kibble. Not all new owners are going to be able to manage a strictly raw diet. When the dog has to be at a veterinarian clinic overnight or boarded, on the road it makes sense to have a dog that is accustomed to dry kibble. We use Open Farms, it is very similar label to Origins and Acana. These are also good choices but Open Farms abides by Humane Slaughter for the animals they use in production of this food. That is important to us.

Grain Free has been in the news of late for the connection between Taurine depleted diets and dilated cardiomyopathy. The DCM related to taurine deficiency is reversible, acquired or genetic DCM is not. There is a higher incidence in Golden Retriever breed that has generated research with query that this breed may have some error in their taurine production process.

Feeding raw meat with bone, organ meats and some fruits and vegetables can balance and round out the dogs diet. Make adjustments to maintain a healthy body score. Give these dogs 1 hour morning and 1 hour evening minimum opportunity to run, frolic, jump and chase. Watch your dog, know your dog, when and how often they poop and pee. What colour, consistency and volume is normal for them. You will be able to tell when things change and detail these changes with your veterinarian if health concerns arise.

Last but not least lots of clean fresh water must be available at all times. Water is vital to digestion, energy, kidney and bladder health. Do not ever leave a dog without access to clean fresh water.

This is how we do it here at Annagh Irish Red and White Setters. Many breeders and owners have different approaches to feeding their dogs. The most important thing is to have a happy, shiny, bright eyed energetic dog that is thriving. If it works it works!

Beef heart, kibble and carrots

Venture supplement for coat and skin.

Raw meaty bones with kibble and raspberries